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Bird / Andritz Centrifuge Repair

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Andritz Centrifuge Repair & Bird Centrifuge Repair.


Take advantage of our 150 years of OEM experience.

Andritz / Bird Centrifuge Repair

One of the oldest names in the business, we have been rebuilding these throughout the whole world, all sizes and models, whatever your problem may be it will be no surprise to us, text or call us now! 

Why scrap your existing solid/liquid separation equipment or system if it could be upgraded with the help of the latest R&D?

Our Certified Centrifuge World Technicians Safely Pulling out a Bird Centrifuge For Repairs

Whether you’re looking to optimize performance or extend the lifetime of your equipment, our teams can repair, retrofit, and modify your machines, or in one of Centrifuge Worlds manufacturing and service locations worldwide. All so you can add years of productivity with the minimum possible downtime.

Take advantage of our 150 years of OEM experience gained from an installed base of more than 35,000 machines. Let our global team of solid/liquid separation specialists help you improve safety, reduce costs, and save on power – for a vast number of well-known OEM brands.

Andritz Centrifuge
Andritz Centrifuge

Bird Centrifuge Repair Services & Andritz Centrifuge Repair Services

Centrifuge World In-house Bird Centrifuge repairs

On-site and also in the factory we repair your machines and your process equipment using newly fabricated parts.

After initial testing and cost assessment we will run the repair promptly.

In line with your requirements we will provide the documentation. Such documentation can consist of the following documents for example:

  • condition report based on a checklist
  • drawings with measured dimensions
  • material certificates
  • test logs like, for example, dye-penetration test, dimension logs, balancing logs
  • commissioning test logs like, for example, test run, measurement of imbalance, noise and temperature
Experienced Centrifuge Consultation

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Call one of the experts at Centrifuge World. If you are not exactly sure which centrifuge you need, our Centrifuge Professionals can get you on track in a snap.

Centrifuge World makes it extremely easy to get a quote.

So give us a Call, text or Email us today.  

Our goal is to get you back in production as fast as we can.

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