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Centrifuge Rebuilding

Optimum Centrifuge Repair and Overhaul Services

We Rebuild Centrifuges to last through even the harshest of processes. When we return your centrifuge to you, it is guaranteed to be in peak optimal performance.

Operating on a 24-hour schedule is routine for the chemical, pulp paper, wastewater and related industries. When a shut down is threatening because of a broken centrifuge, or parts that need to be replaced, that’s a real emergency and Centrifuge World is here for you.

When we rebuild a centrifuge, we fortify it to optimal performance so it will be tougher and stronger. Our Technologically Advanced Patented Processes (TAPP) will increase the lifespan of your centrifuge.

Centrifuge World is the solution. Our highly trained specialists and technicians ensure every centrifuge we repair is rebuilt promptly and efficiently.

We have an ever-increasing inventory of new, rebuilt, quality used centrifuges and we carry all predominant OEM parts.

Contact us for centrifuge rebuilding or repair and we’ll become a part of your team, bringing excellence and satisfaction to your company.

We Service All Industrial Centrifuges

We service all brands (OEM’s) of Industrial Centrifuges in multiple Industries. Below we have compiled a list of centrifuges that we have repaired or rebuilt. We can handle any Centrifuge Repair Project. It does not matter what condition the centrifuge is in. Even if you consider it being beyond repair.

The Following image are of a BIRD centrifuge that was considered impossible to repair. See the pictures below to see how we literally brought this machine back to life.


  • Restore all parts to the original manufacturer’s specifications
  • Replace all bearings, seals, bolts, and unusable parts
  • Rebuild and hard surface conveyors
  • Rebuild gearboxes and drive assemblies
  • Dynamically balance the bowl, conveyor, and gearbox assemblies
  • Reassemble your centrifuge and test run it at service speed
  • Clean and repair frames and casing assemblies
  • Repair or modify electrical controls, as needed
  • Provide you with a twelve month written warranty on materials and workmanship

What Happens When Your Centrifuge Arrives In Our Shop

Centrifuge World’s attention to detail begins from the moment your equipment arrives at our shop.  All rotating equipment is disassembled and goes through a rigorous White-Glove NDT inspection and analysis.  Once our experienced engineers have determined the best course of action to restore your industrial centrifuge to optimal peak performance, we will contact your with our best recommendations on how to remedy the situation.

Centrifuge World prides itself on quality turnarounds in order to get you back in production, operating at optimum capacity with as little downtime as possible.

Centrifuge World’s state-of-the-art service center is strategically located in the Mid-West with two large Facilities in Chicago as well as one in Houston capable of handling any rotating equipment repairs.  Local flexibility allows us to work within the schedule of your personnel – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Experienced Centrifuge Consultation

Talk To A Centrifuge Expert

Call one of the experts at Centrifuge World. If you are not exactly sure which centrifuge you need, our Centrifuge Professionals can get you on track in a snap.

Centrifuge World makes it extremely easy to get a quote.

So give us a Call, text or Email us today.  

Our goal is to get you back in production as fast as we can.

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