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Gearbox Replacement Parts

For every gearbox we rebuild, Centrifuge world only uses premium parts made with the highest machining and engineering standards. Every part we make for our gearboxes are tested and built to meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Our ability to fabricate parts from scratch sets us one step higher than our competition and your as a customer reap the benefits. Normal back orders from the OEM can be well up to eight months to a year. Centrifuge World can fabricate the same part with better standards in a day or two.


We rebuild a huge array of centrifuge gearbox types, including planetary gearboxes, planetary spiral bevel gearboxes and more…

Do you Have an emergency? If we don’t have the part your looking for, we can make it when you need it. We repair all working parts of any centrifuge, from liquids/solids heads to bowls, scrolls, and gearboxes. We also fabricate and remanufacture parts to and from original specs and design.

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Call one of the experts at Centrifuge World. If you are not exactly sure which centrifuge you need, our Centrifuge Professionals can get you on track in a snap.

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