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GEA Westfalia Centrifuge

GEA Westfalia Centrifuge

The One Stop Shop for Westfalia Centrifuge Repair. With years of experience, expertise, proven performance, and seasoned judgment, Our Westfalia Centrifuge team is the go-to separator repair resource for maintenance, procurement and plant managers in industries such as wastewater, pharma, dairy, food, beverage, beer, environmental, and industrial.


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You can ship to us for repair or we offer in-plant service and maintenance as well. We pride ourselves on superior reliable, efficient, and affordable services. Additionally, we have two convenient Midwest shops equipped with precision tools and separator components built to OEM tolerances to ensure proper repair of your separator. Our industry specified precision balance promotes smooth running, long bearing and drive component life span.  Every separator is subjected to a WHITE-GLOVE thorough NDT inspection and overhaul.

Westfalia Centrifuge Overhaul Services

Ahh! The great Westfalia Separator! Described as the “Mercedes Benz” of separation technology, Westfalia and Mercedes both hail from Germany. From Beer, Juice, milk and wine to Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals these units are the “best in breed” Centrifuge World has former engineers of GEA here to take on any repairs from Bowls to complete rebuilding of your separator, we have over 50+ years with all models of Westfalia Separators so the next time your having issues with these great machines, give us a try!

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Centrifuge World Has over 80 years in business and a combined 200 years of expertise and experience to every job, whether separator repairs, rebuilds, parts and service or separator balancing. We’ve done it all within wastewater, pharma, dairy, food, beverage, beer, environmental, and industrial. 

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Industry Uses For The Westfalia Centrifuge Separator

  • Beverages: manufacturing and preparing juice, syrup, soft drinks, drink concentrates, coffee, tea, soy drinks, spirits, wine and beer.
  • Chemical: mechanical and thermal separation, melt & solutions crystallization, drying & particle processing, exhaust gas cleaning, treating effluents, recovering by-products, increasing yield, controlling emissions, improving energy efficiency.
  • Food: preparing, separating, further processing, preserving, chilling, packaging and freezing meat, poultry, fish, seafood, oils and fats, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread, confectionery and food ingredients.
  • Dairy Farming: animal feeding, barn equipment, farm management, hygiene & supplies, manure management, milk cooling & storage, milking, young-stock solutions.
  • Dairy Processing: design, engineer complete plants, processing lines and equipment for raw milk treatment and manufacturing, filling & packaging milk and milk-based products – from butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese to infant formula, milk powder and whey and its derivatives.
  • Pharma: solid and liquid dose technology. Batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating, contained materials handling, tablet compression, freeze-drying, fermentation and liquid formulation, separation, homogenization and cell disruption.
  • Marine: high performance equipment for treating fuel oil, lube oil, bilge water and ballast water, air-conditioning, refrigeration and freezing technology.
  • Lan-based transportation: refrigeration and cooling technology.
  • Oil & Gas: refrigeration and cooling technology, separation, vacuum technology, air conditioning and chilling.
  • Environment: waste water treatment, engineering solutions for recovering chemicals, recycling heat and conserving solutions, emission reduction systems, flue gas cleaning technologies and the use of natural refrigerants in industrial refrigeration and air cooling
  • Power: high-performance centrifugal separators and systems to handle and treat liquid fuels and lube oil in diesel engine and gas turbine-based power plants. Centrifugal purifiers shield diesel engines and gas turbines, compressors for cooling fuel gas and for carbon capture storage, spray absorption process to remove sulfur and other toxic materials from exhaust gases, thermal oil treatment solution for solar power plants.
  • Distribution & Storage: cooling and freezing technology
  • Leisure & Sport: freezing technology with the use of natural refrigerant ammonia for ice rinks, bobsled tracks and snow.
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